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There is an opportunity in Detroit, Michigan to open and operate a successful rfeight transport company. Mr.Shalon M. Hollaway  recognaizes this opportunity and has decided to go forward with a new compnay named Hollaway Expediting LLC. The company will penetrate the market in the business of providing interstate transport of common commodities. He also recognizes the opportunities for offering superior services designed to reduce the number of undelivered loads through flexibilty in the movement and cost effective operations. Hollaway Expediting LLC will serve its area of business working to make its lines more productive while at the same time controlling expenses. The money required for getting the company organized has been provided by the founder. To make this company a reality, there will be an amount needed of $255,000.00. The founder will be investing $5,000.00 leaving a balance of $250,000.00 which will come as a loan. The $250,000.00  is the complete amount needed to open and operate this business. The money will be allocated to take care of all the requirements, including $30,000.00 for equipment; $20,000.00 for lease of premises; and the rest will be use for miscellaneous operating expenses. This business plan will show the components that make up and accomplish this exciting business venture. This business is based on two vital components. 1. Excellent management that has a mastry of choosing the right product and the right service at the right time with a mastry of knowing what its total market is and how to keep gaining a greater share of that market. 2. Providing an excellent product or service that is not onle well accepted but also whose acceptance and use will continue to grow at an accelerated atre into the future. Hollaway Expediting LLC will coordinte worker productivity with increasing market demand to ensure continued company growth and development. Its approach emphasizes the individual participation of every emplotee and member of this organization and the taotal process of building the company to acquire an ever-increasing market share. By guiding and helping employees with knowledge and awareness, it build a solid foundation for achieving its most ambitious goals.  Hollaway Expediting LLC realizes that this is an ideal time to extablish its business in this expanding industry amd move forward in a steady progression over the next five years. Some of the highlights of its strategy are here briefly summarized: Hollaway Expediting LLC has talent and experience that is superior for the marketplace. Profitability is assured by its preparation of knowing what the market requirements are presently and what the market requirements sre to be in the next several years. With its strategy and budget in place, sales are expected to multiply rapidly and the company expects to move in on the leaders in the industry. Company summary Hollaway Expediting LLC will begin its operation in 2010. The inspiration for tha company was the reallization that htere is a need for a company that can provide fast and efficient freight transportation for major companies at competitive prices. The company will be headquartered in the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan. Its operations will expand to Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas with plans to go national. Company ownership Hollaway Expediting LLC is set up as an LLC. The ownership is held by Shalo M. Hollaway, who is 100% of the company. Any and all questions relative to ownership should be directed to Hollaway Expediting LLC. Company history Hollaway Expediting LLC is of the people that will make up this company. We will ship to all 48 states and Canada and provide personalized, one on one interaction with each client. The company is also particularly proud of the fact that we provide a courteous, prompt, and reliable service for our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Competitive comparison Hollaway Expediting LLC has done extensive research and investigation of all of the aspects of the competitiveness of the existing market in witch it will be participating. Hollaway Expediting LLC management team is fully aware of the major competitors who are: All-State Express, Tri-State Expedited Services, Diamond Delivery Servives, Hollaway Expediting LLC reconnizes these major competitors as a prime focus because they have been evaluated using criteria of price and value given. This company specifically knows that the advantages that it has over its competition include that Hollaway Expediting LLC provides on time deliveries and flexibi;ity in our coverage areas with no lost loads. This study of its competition has given the company a mastery of the effects of regulatory agencies, business share, pricing strategies, cut-throat or permissive posturing, as will as strengths and weaknesses of the management teams who head up the companies that make up the competition. Market analysis summary Hollaway Expediting LLC has done an exhaustive study of the state of its industry. This is one of the most exciting industries in the United States. It presents an ever increasing market, a very healthy bottom line, and excellent opportunities for growth. The outside world demands a dependable and efficient trucking company that provides reliable hauling services ataffordable prices. Hollaway Expediting LLC has all this to offer and its management team will keep its finger on the pulse of the market demands. This industry is filling the needs of the customer by performing an essential service that contributes directly to the stability of the economy. This is why Hollaway Expediting LLC fits perfectly for meeting the demands of its industry. Market segmentation Hollaway Expediting LLC is very much aware of the importance of market analysis as it pertains to market segmentation. At the current time management feels that in relationship to market segmentation the market for Hollaway Expediting LLC is very large and growing. The reason for this conclusion in reference to market segmentation is after careful study of its current and potential customer base. The company strongly feels that the market requires a dependable and efficient trucking compnay that provides reliable hauling services at affordable prices. By offering competitive rates combined with reliable, courteous and timely service, Hollaway Expediting LLC should be able to capture its market. Target market and segment strategy Hollaway Expediting LLC aims to understand each and every reason why a customer buys a particular product or service. In its total analysis there is a study that effects a person's behavior, cultural background, economic status, educational bachground, as will as other factors that relate to there behavior. The company not only seeks to become experts on why customers buy but also what makes them buy now. Hollaway Expediting LLC strives to target that segment of the market that is in the ideal position to need its service, afford its service, and be in position to act on buying its servce immediately. This company is always able to determane these results from such sources as existing customers, suppliers, bankers, trade groups, chamber of commerce, and industry trade journals. Market needs Hollaway Expediting LLC evaluates its market from the standpoint of what the individual customer needs. Hollaway Expediting LLC understands that to master this area its management team needs to constantly be tapping into those sources of information that reveal the true motivations of the consumer. Market trends Hollaway Expediting LLC is very confident and excited about the timing of this business in its industry. Evaluating different factors and events that make up a particular pattern in indentifying all aspects of that pattern secure them in an enviable position of providing what is needed in the marketplace at this particular time. The company is always watching the big picture and continues to monitor any pattern or trend on a daily basis. Market growth Hollaway Expediting LLCrecognizes that it is participating in a very large industry with a great growth rate. its projected growth will be set at a rate greater than the industry average. Hollaway Expediting LLC implementation of its business strategy will lend itself to fastpaced development and dominance of a significant market share. The company has determined the growth of its market on the basis of an ever-increasing customer base, and dollar volume base as well. Short Term goals competitive edge Hollaway Expediting LLC is decisive about staying ahead of its competition. The company knows that this is an everyday every hour re-evaluation of what is going on in its marketplace. Hollaway Expediting LLC is aware of all the different choices in relationship to marketing strategy. Managemnet as chosen to market what it does through online internet exposure search engine optimization, brokers, industry contacts, and word of mouth. It has chosen this strategy because costa are minimal, effectiveness is extremely high and branding recognition is enhanced. Hollaway Expediting LLC takes the position that its primary focus of what it does in the marketplace is to become one of the largest expediting companies in the USA and Canada featuring superior quality service at a lower price. This is how Hollaway Expediting LLC distinguishes itself in the marketplace. Explained projected profit and loss Hollaway Expediting LLC sales are forecasted to be increasing on a regular basis. Gross margin is also expected to increase on a regular basis. Breaking down the profit and loss projections and monitoring them on a regular basis is essential to the foundation of the company. Explained long-term plans Hollaway Expediting LLC believes that its long-term propects for a very successful company are excellent. The industry chosen and the strong foundation of the company lend itself to nothing but positive results in the long-term future.With a market sensitive management team and excellent systems in place to monitor competitive shifts or changes Hollaway Expediting LLC is adelly positioned to continue its successful plan on through the nest decade. Management team what follow are the top positions of Hollaway Expediting LLC, their names and a brief description of their duties and responsibilities as it pertains to the successful management and development of this company's goals. Shalon M. Hollaway, President & CEO, Shalon M. Hollaway was born in Detroit Michigan and got to fixing cars at a young age. Mr. Hollaway went to high school where he learned to be an auto mechanic and ettended college to learn web design. His skills include Marketing, Computer web Design, and Mid-Level Business Management. Shelae D. Monae was born in Detroit Michigan. She had an interest in financial aspects in business throughout her formal education. After graduating from high school, she learned how to manage her personal bills by budgeting. In 2003, she enrolled at Henry Ford Community College where she is working on her degree. Start-up summary the basic organization of Hollaway Expediting LLC is due to the dedication of the founder of the company. The money required for getting the company organized and underway has been outlined. To bring the company to the next level there will be an amount of $600.000 needed. Which will come as a loan. The money will mainly be allocated in the following way: Equipment $200.000, Lease of premises $200.000, Miscellaneous operating expenses $200.000. Hollaway Expediting LLC is offering the investor stock in the comapny, and we are offering a seat on the board of directors. Investors can expect a return on funds invested by 2013.