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 Welcome to Hollaway Expediting LLC your road to success. Your future is calling. We are a new growing solid company that is on the move in the right direction. If you are looking for an exceptional opportunity with a phenomenal new expedite company, then people you are in the right place. You have to look no further than our company Hollaway Expediting LLC. Choose your path to success. We offer great avenues to everyone from students to with no experience, to vetaran professional drivers. Including owner operators, fleet owners, to fleet drivers. Company drivers will excel with our competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and strategic & tactical approach to this industry. You the drivers will have ample home time to spend with family. Alone with a great compensation package including medical, retirement benefits, passenger policy, open door policy, no forced dispatch.  Owner operators, will benefit also from the way Hollaway Expediting LLC conducts its business. From excellent compensation package to medical and retirement benefits. We have staff in place that work to insure the success of all our employees, from owner operators to fleet drivers we make sure all of you are successful.      


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